How does it work?

1. Get your Goods address – When you subscribe to Goods, you receive your Goods address in Denmark. Your Goods address makes it possible for you to store your packages in Denmark. This address is needed for you to ship your packages to Greenland.

2. Shop from wherever you want – With a Goods subscription you can shop at any Danish webshop, whenever you like. To use your Goods address simply enter your Goods-ID in the second address field, at checkout, when ordering online.

3. We will ship to your address in Greenland – No matter where your choose to shop, Goods will make sure your packages are delivered to your address in Greenland. Your package will first be delivered to our storage facility, after which we will ship your package to Greenland. You get to decide when you want your packages to be shipped to Greenland.

4. Enjoy your Goods! When the package arrives at Greenland, Tele-Post will handle the delivery of your package.




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